Japanese-style Garden

Another photograph from a visit to Heale Gardens in Wiltshire, UK. Here, a tributary of the River Avon meanders to the right where there is some gorgeous planting including beautiful Japanese Acers. Just as I walked around the corner, however, my battery ran low and I couldn’t take any photographs of the plants in this area. An excellent excuse to go back!

Just beyond the bridge, which is draped with Wisteria Floribunda, there is a glimpse of the authentic Tea House.

10 thoughts on “Japanese-style Garden

    1. Thank you. It is a lovely and very verdant part of the garden. It looks really lush at this time of year and is pretty amazing in Autumn! Thanks for stopping by.


    1. Thanks Sandy. I should have paced myself that day, but I took lots of photos before I got to that area! (should take a spare battery I guess). I’ve a couple of the Tea House though.


    1. Thanks Sheila. Hee-hee – that made me laugh out loud! Do you know it wouldn’t surprise me if I accidentally photographed something incongruous; I’m pretty short-sighted and often include bits and bobs I haven’t noticed!!


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