Just Wild

Dandelion or Taraxacum officinale from the Asteraceae family. If this herbaceous perennial wasn’t so successful and ‘reliable’ we would probably love it and appreciate its beauty a little more! Well, I might be speaking for myself there!

I photographed this one on Saturday believing it to be the last one in flower in the garden – I noticed yesterday, however, that there is one other. When I uploaded the photographs onto the computer, I was amazed at the sheer amount of wonderfully shaped stamens. It was a pretty breezy day, so I’m fortunate that I managed to get some shots which weren’t too out of focus, but I think the softness encapsulates the essence of this flower at this stage in its life-cycle. Some of the close-ups I took reveal a misty pollen-filled atmosphere which is really quite mesmerising.

I went out to look at it today and it is firmly closed up, indicating that its magical metamorphosis into a globular seed-head is busily happening in private. One thing’s for sure: if the seed-head appears today, the seeds will be quickly dispersed around the garden; the wind was very strong yesterday, but it’s blowing quite a gale today.

14 thoughts on “Just Wild

  1. Doesn’t this look nice against the yellow background? I am a dandelion lover from way back. You certainly did this one justice.


    1. Thank you Sandy. Now I’ve looked at dandelions properly, I’ve realised they are really quite fascinating plants. I wonder if it has turned into the seedhead yet – it was firmly closed today when I looked. Will check tomorrow.


  2. I liked this one last time I stopped by, I like it just as much today.
    The swirley bits (technical term there) look like tiny little people dancing at a yellow party.


    1. Thank you! You would never think that a dandelion could be the centre of such a ‘happening’ place could you! I have some even more intense close ups of it which have a mesmerising effect. No wonder bees and butterflies are attracted to flowers!


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