Surreal Landscape

This is another plant I photographed whilst visiting Heale Gardens, Wiltshire, UK. I’ve had to admit defeat and post without being able to name it. My guess is it’s a succulent of some kind. I don’t have any specific books on succulents and cacti, and my internet searches have drawn a blank. It looks like a sedum ‘jelly bean’ but that plant is smooth and shiny, whereas this one is textured.

It was situated on the same wall as the Ivy-leaved Toadflax and looked so interesting. It’s very small – probably around 5cm or 6cm high – but perfectly formed!


6 thoughts on “Surreal Landscape

    • Thank you Sandy. I’ve realised I know very little about these kinds of plants, but they could be pretty useful in the garden as we seem to be getting less rain generally.


    • Thanks very much Sheila. Yes – next time I visit I must ask if they have details of the plants. I really don’t like being unable to identify what I’ve photographed.


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