Some lovely cirrus clouds above the Barley field photographed a few days ago.

It’s the start of the second Bank Holiday weekend of the month and the weather has turned a bit. I don’t think there will be many fluffy, puffy cumulus clouds or wispy cirrus clouds about for a while, but you never know.

10 thoughts on “Cirrus

  1. Oooh, barley again … 🙂
    And I love the clouds.
    We have a circus and a fairground in town this weekend thanks to the bank holiday, will have some fun with the camera.


    1. Thanks Hallysann. I could become pretty boring with the Barley! Reminds me of the film, ‘Amelie’, where the gnome features in all the photos from around the world; all mine will have Barley in them, even if they are shots of architecture or the beach!! Enjoy your weekend and days out.


    1. That’s really kind – thank you! There are just so many wonderful and interesting things to photograph, and these days I take more notice of nature around me and look more closely. I never realised, for example, just how amazing dandelions and lichen are!
      Many thanks for dropping by and commenting.


  2. Such a peaceful shot, it makes me long for some properly warm weather, we’re lacking it a bit up in Scotland!


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