Dalmatian Bellflower


I’d recently seen this plant growing on walls in a couple of different places, and was drawn to the intense colour of the flowers – which is even more intense in shade. It took a long time to identify it as a Campanula portenschlagiana – there are hundreds of different species of Campanula – and all my searches at first resulted in plants which were almost the same, but not quite.

8 thoughts on “Dalmatian Bellflower

  1. It’s a lovely colour, I’ve got a plant in my garden which came from my mother-in-law’s garden. She called it “whiteflock” but whiteflock doesn’t show up anywhere online. I’ll post a picture of it … another puzzle for you 🙂


    1. Thanks Hallysann. The colour is much more intense when viewed en masse, but when I tried to photograph more of the plant, it looked very untidy! The camera picks up what the eye glazes over sometimes!


  2. This is nothing like mine. A vine you say? I will have to look for it. Not only is it very pretty, it looks so good against that background.


    1. Thanks very much Sandy. It wasn’t easy trying to identity this plant, but Campanula portenschlagiana seems to check out, although there is another Campanula – poscharskyana – which is very similar. The one I photographed seems to have more red in it than either of these, although the flower and leaf shape is the same, so I suspect it may be some sort of cultivated hybrid. Let me know what you discover about yours.


    1. Thanks very much! I discovered that there are hundreds of different types of Campanula which made the identity of this one very difficult. In addition, there are other plants which also have the common name ‘bellflower’! Not easy!


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