Common Poppies

The Papaver rhoeas variously known (amongst other names) as Common Poppy, Field Poppy and Corn Poppy. It is described as an arable weed due to its associations with cornfields although the use of herbicides has meant that the poppy is no longer as widespread as it used to be. I found it interesting to discover, however, that the seeds can lie dormant for around 80 years, ensuring the poppy’s success! Whenever ground is disturbed, there is a chance that very old poppy seeds will germinate. They are also considered annual or biennial plants as they can germinate in Autumn after fields have been disturbed.

When its flowers are fully opened, they only last a day, meaning one plant can have flowers, seed heads and buds all at the same time.

I photographed this patch along a field edge between crops, where they are catching the early evening sun. Although it had been a bright and warm day, it was very breezy, which can be seen in the shape of the petals as they are being blown around.

For more fascinating information on the Common Poppy, have a look at these sites:

20 thoughts on “Common Poppies

    1. Many thanks Hallysann. There is one particular field starting to fill up nicely with poppies close to where I photographed these; it should look amazing in a week or so.


  1. What a stunning photograph! I’ve been searching for a great poppy place in the South East of England but the only ones I see are by the sides of motorways or on private/inaccessibly land 😦


    1. Thank you very much! They’re not always very accessible – I agree. Keep looking though – they pop up in unexpected places sometimes. Your local council website may have some details on local wildflowers.Thank you for dropping by and commenting.


  2. pretty shot! lucky you to have fields with poppies growing wild – interesting info.

    I really like the way you’ve backlit these so one can see all the little hairs and the paper thin delicate petals are accentuated.


    1. Thanks very much Sheila. It was a perfect time of day to get some interesting shots – with the sun lower on the horizon; I’d taken some a few days before, but earlier in the day, and they didn’t come out as well.


  3. Love this shot, the red against the green is beautiful. I really get that feeling of a breezy summers evening as well.


    1. Thanks very much Kieran. The sun and the breeze that day really highlighted the delicacy and colour of the poppies. It was a good time of day for a few shots!


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