Ginger Snap

I’ve marvelled at the wonder of the Goatsbeard seedheads before, but this one was particularly unusual as it was quite ginger in colour, which was especially accentuated in full sun. I find them quite fascinating and lots of fun – each one is different in its own way.

12 thoughts on “Ginger Snap

  1. Utterly gorgeous! The detail and the way the light catches those fine filaments – really beautiful. Great photograph 🙂


    1. Thank you very much Lu! The individual way they capture the light is fascinating; I have many shots of them and each seedhead seems to have its own tints and hues.


    1. Thanks Sandy – I see what you mean. You’ve reminded me about the box full of ‘eyelash’ yarn I have stashed away. Some of it is a gingery colour; I might just get it out and knit something…….


    1. Many thanks Eden. There are a couple more in the garden today and I tried to resist photographing them (I’ve quite a few shots already) but they are so individual! Thank you for stopping by and commenting.


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