Bumble in Bramble

I was outside yesterday trying to take a few close-up photographs of a Bramble (Rubus fruticosus) flower – which was probably a bit daft really as it was very breezy (again) and the flower was nodding in and out of sun and shade alternately. Anyway, it was my second or third attempt at a shot, when this beautiful bumble bee decided to dive into the flower as I was attempting to photograph it, and I was very fortunate to capture a shot of both flower and bee in a nano-second of semi-stillness. The bumble’s head is buried amongst the numerous stamens.

I think this bumble is a Bombus pascuorum which is one of 6 widespread species of Bumble Bee in the UK. The Natural History Museum website has lots of excellent information on ‘Bumblebees of the World’, including a very good bee identification guide, and although I’m not sure of the colour of the tail, the gingery colouring on the thorax and the ‘shagginess’ of the hair point towards him/her being a B.pascuorum. I’m not sure if he/she is male which would have a black-tipped tail or a queen/worker which has a white tip.

Along with the Natural History Museum website, the BBC Nature website has some interesting information and some short videos about bees.

10 thoughts on “Bumble in Bramble

  1. I love bumble bees and am trying to attract more to my garden. 🙂 This is an impressive macro which I know is very difficult to capture. Well done.


    1. Thanks very much! I couldn’t believe my luck that day – I had to be very quick! They seem to love the poppies, bramble flowers and aquilegias in the garden but they seem to especially love a viburnum which has recently flowered. There are LOTS of bees around that plant. I’ll be posting a photo of it this week and will find out its species.


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