Barley Ear

I walked up to the barley field this morning and noticed how golden it is turning, and some of the upper leaves are bending over – a sign that it is nearing readiness for harvest. I should have taken some photographs of it whilst up there, but didn’t. I’m not sure why.

Here is a shot from a week ago of an ear of barley. I don’t know the particular variety but it seems to have a lot of red colouring.

I’ll have to get up there again soon to take some photos of it in its golden glory; time seems to be going so fast, it won’t be that long before the sound of the combine harvesters will be heard……..

16 thoughts on “Barley Ear

    1. Thank you very much Kieran! I’m not sure whether this barley will be going on to make animal feed or beer. In any case, I’ll enjoy my glass of beer in a different way – thinking of the beautiful barley from which is derived 🙂


    1. Thank you very much Sheila! You can probably tell, I like barley – a lot! It’s funny you should mention that song; it’s usually on my mind when I walk up there. I’ll be going up again within the next few days although we’re forecast rain over the weekend. Might be some interesting shots to be had between showers………….


      1. You don’t need much space. He grows it on vertical lines stretching as high a 15 feet of more. He uses the growing hops as a fence of sorts on the back edge of his property. He lives in the city and has a very small lot. Very interesting to look at the hops growing. People stop to ask what it is because it is an unusual sight.


        1. Thank you for the info on the hops. It’s a brilliant idea to grow them like that – doubling as a barrier. I’m going to look into what type of soils and conditions they like. Thanks very much.


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