Iridescent Beetle on Pink Hogweed


It’s a really windy, gloomy, rain-filled day today, so it was a good decision to get out and about for a good walk yesterday. Did a circular walk from Crofton Pumping Station, Crofton near Marlborough, Wiltshire, UK, taking in Wilton Windmill via the Roman road, then returning via Wilton Water. There were some stunning views, an array of wildflowers, and some very interesting wildlife.

This is a photograph of a ‘thick-legged flower beetle’ or ‘Oedemera nobilis’. I was at first attracted to the colour – a wonderful iridescent green – but was amazed by the bulbous ‘legs’. Only the males have these and they are apparently used in mating. These beetles are pollen and nectar eaters and here he is feeding on an attractive pink Hogweed – ‘Heracleum sphondylium’, an umbellifer alternatively known as Cow Parsnip or Common Hogweed. There are so many different types of umbellifer which also, confusingly, seem to have the same common names, that it’s not easy to identify them, especially when the colour is a bit different to the norm. Fortunately, has some photographs of pink as well as white hogweed which helped to confirm its identity.

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10 thoughts on “Iridescent Beetle on Pink Hogweed

    1. 🙂 He really does look smartly dressed! He’s put on his best shimmery cloak and leggings. There were quite a few female beetles around – obviously impressed!


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