Wilton Windmill


I had a choice of a few different, but brightly coloured, flowers lined up for today’s posting, but I think I looked at them so much they gave me some sort of colour fatigue; I didn’t feel content with any of them. That sort of explains today’s photograph which is of Wilton Windmill from Saturday’s day out. It was a suitable choice for an absence of colour posting and I’ve chosen a shot with a tilted angle to represent – erm – my change of mind!

I took this photograph just as a weather front was moving in; it quickly changed from warm and sunny to windy, rainy and cold.

According the the website, Wilton Windmill is the only working windmill in Wessex, and was constructed in 1812.

6 thoughts on “Wilton Windmill

  1. I think it’s very important to only post good photos on the blog, items that you’re completely happy with so, good for you for making that decision and, the Windmill photograph is very good. I like the angle you’ve used for this and the tone of the image.


    1. Thank you Nigel – it’s the first b&w I’ve posted and it was good to ring the changes! It’s funny how I can decide on a photograph to post in the evening and by morning I don’t like it! The process of choosing a photograph to post is quite complicated sometimes!


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