I took this photograph a couple of weeks ago whilst on the Wylye Valley Art Trail. It was sitting in a very well-kempt, carefully manicured tub outside a very fine – and very new-looking – Village Hall in South Wiltshire. I am fairly sure it is a species of Gazania. I like the way even the stamens look orderly and neat, unlike the Dandelion ones I photographed a couple of weeks before.

I wanted to save the photo for a grey, rainy day so that it might add a bit of cheer (although, as I type, the sun has just come out). We’ve had a record-breaking sunny, dry and warm April and May, but June has brought some welcome rain for farmers and gardeners – although not so good for holiday-makers, festival-goers, and potential viewers of the lunar eclipse!

18 thoughts on “Radiance

    1. Thank you Sandy! I’m pleased it cheered you too. Looks like we have many more days of rain and grey skies ahead here so I’ll probably stay with the bright and cheerful theme!


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