Basket Buckle

A photograph of a strap and buckle on an elderly wicker hamper basket. I’m experimenting a bit with black and white at the moment and thought this was a suitable subject for that particular treatment. It reminds me of days gone by when people would go en masse to their local park to have a picnic – the ’50s and ’60s probably. It also reminds me of Toad of Toadhall! Poop-poop!

18 thoughts on “Basket Buckle

    1. Thanks Hallysann. I’d say look for things which have plenty of contrast between light and dark tones, light and shadows and so on. I’ve only just started experimenting myself really, but I’d suggest you have a go. Try things out then you’ll see what you like. I look forward to seeing the results!


  1. This speaks of better times…..when the pace of life was slower…..except for Toad of course, who could never go slowly!
    I love black and white because without the distraction of colour, other elements stand out, such as the texture and form as here. Nice choice of subject:-)


    1. Thank you! That’s exactly what spoke to me too with regard to the subject of this photograph and I’m so pleased that comes across. I’ve only just started experimenting with B&W as a result really of ‘The Stones’ posting which created a strong sense of nostalgia in me. It’s that feeling which I’m trying to capture. As you say, though, the form and texture are just as important. Many thanks for stopping by and commenting.


    1. Thanks Nigel. I’d walked past that basket every day to go out into the garden, then all of a sudden it jumped out at me! There’s so much of interest in our homes but we don’t see it because we’re so used to our surroundings. I’m looking for things all the time now!


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