Petal Path

We have a slightly sloping path on one side of the garden near the exterior garden door which leads from the top terrace to the rest of the garden. On the other side are some steps. The sloping path offers the more direct route to the rest of the garden but when wet I will often choose the steps instead. The path gets pretty slippery with moss in wet weather as it is overhung by yew trees on either side.

Climbing through the yew trees are mock orange plants or Philadelphus virginalis. Before I embarked upon my path (sorry about the pun) of amateur photography, I used to rush around a lot, and didn’t always take notice of lovely things around me, but one of the – many – positive aspects of photography is that it slows you down and makes you notice things. I must have walked past these mock orange petals on the ground every year for the last few years without really registering their beauty.

Saturday morning was very warm but we’d had a shower of rain early on. That’s when I first noticed a cluster of 3 petals on the path. I took a couple of shots and intended to post one some time this week as they looked interesting on the glistening path. Yesterday, however, a lot more petals had fallen. It was early morning and the sun was gentle – shining softly through the yews. There was just something which really captivated me about the way the petals had fallen alongside the dry yew needles along the mossy path and the way the soft light emphasised them.

I really like it that the little things which I never noticed before are  jumping out at me. It’s the slowing down that does it.

8 thoughts on “Petal Path

    1. Thanks very much Sheila. Yes – photography does change your perspective. Everything is so much richer. It’s so good to slow down and notice things (I’m pretty annoying to go on walks with these days!).


  1. The petals make a lovely shot. What you described is one of the things I enjoy so much about photography. Take a line from Annie Dillard, I am teaching myself to see.


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