I walked a different path yesterday and discovered this Wheatfield. I also discovered the beauty of Wheat just as I did with the Barley – which, by the way, is only days away from harvest.

Here is another example of slowing down, stopping and looking – properly. I don’t know how many times I’d driven past cereal fields without taking notice – apart from oilseed rape fields which are glaringly obvious. Also, I’ve probably walked past cereal fields in the past but have been too deep in thought to stop and properly look at the surrounding environment.

Access to the Barleyfield is along a footpath which runs along one side of it so you are next to it but not amongst it. Here, though, at the Wheatfield, a path runs through the middle of it and you are surrounded on all sides by an expansive open field of crops. It’s really rather wonderful and serene. The light was quite different yesterday too. The sky was full of towering grey clouds but it was bright. Recently we have had lots of unbroken sunshine and blue skies which – although wonderful in every other way – does lend a harshness to photographic subjects.

I love photographing flowers and small creatures but there’s something about an arable field which – I don’t know – resonates in some way. I’m not sure why.

20 thoughts on “Wheat

    1. Oh, it was lovely and peaceful up there. We only saw one other person who was walking her dog: Merlin! It’s full of wildflowers on the edges and more butterflies than I’ve seen for a long time. I’d like to take a chair, a book, and a flask up there and sit a while. I wonder what the farmer would think?


  1. It makes a wonderful photo. I know exactly what you in the fields. We have a mixed hayfield nextdoor to our back field, and I spend a lot of time out there.

    Has the barley been harvested?


    1. Thanks Sandy – it certainly is photogenic! I could spend hours amongst the wheat and barley; I wouldn’t be popular with the farmers probably! I walked to the Barleyfield on my way back from the Wheatfield yesterday and it hadn’t been harvested. Looking at it though, it will probably be ready in a few days. I love the sound of the combines through the night.


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