Scarlet Tiger Moth

I saw this beautiful Scarlet Tiger moth whilst walking back from the Wheatfield a couple of days ago. He / she was sitting in the middle of a road – fortunately it was a side road with very little traffic. Also known as Callimorpha dominula, it is a day flying moth which also flies at night.

They can be found mainly in South and West England and Wales. In flight, the beautiful scarlet red hindwings can be seen – a glimpse of which can be seen here.

They are very beautiful moths and it’s always a treat to see one.

For further information have a look at the Butterfly Conservation website.

8 thoughts on “Scarlet Tiger Moth

    1. Thanks so much – that’s very kind! They are pretty spectacular moths – I’ve seen them a few times sitting on gravel paths. I don’t think I’ve seen one on vegetation. They are really beautiful in flight when that vivid scarlet shows. Many thanks for your comments!


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