Golden Barley

I walked up to the Barleyfield yesterday afternoon. It is mostly nice and golden but in odd places are situated ears which are not as ripe and which still have their red and green colouring.

It was a very bright afternoon and quite breezy resulting in a rather nice ‘unkempt’ look as the very long awns were waving in the breeze. It’s interesting to compare it with the habit of Wheat which stands up strong and orderly!

It’s probably a bit further off harvesting than I previously thought so I might be able to get some more photographs as it further ripens – and hopefully one of harvesting too.

14 thoughts on “Golden Barley

    1. I think of those things too! I’ve got a photo of my wicker basket coming up soon 🙂 What about the Wurzels? I’ve seen them 3 times recently singing Combine ‘arvester on BBC4 whilst watching Top of the Pops from 1976! Ooh-aarrr….


      1. Oh hilarious! The Wurzels..!! Makes me think of Worzel Gummidge, which actually gave me a few unhappy dreams as a kid with all that head-swapping that went on!!


    1. Thanks very much Sandy. It has certainly been a favourite place to walk and to photograph over the last month or two. Watching it change has been a real treat.


    1. Thanks very much Sheila. It’s a fascinating plant – the changing colours, its soft habit and the waves of movement. I’ve really enjoyed photographing it.


    1. Thanks very much Calvin. The way the available light affects the colours is fascinating. Although a lot of the very ripe Barley is a buff colour, the translucence of the stems, leaves and awns emphasises the golden colouring.


    1. Thank you very much for your kind comments! I really enjoy photographing farm land – close-ups and landscapes; I could probably have a blog full of nothing else but this subject!


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