Brief En-cow-nter

Separated by barbed wire, brambles and nettles, this beautiful cow was as curious about me as I was about her. She stood there for a little while and allowed me to take a photograph of her. The other cows which were also near the fence had walked on – disinterested.

10 thoughts on “Brief En-cow-nter

  1. Great shot! My dad had lots of cattle when I was growing up. We used to tease them by standing looking toward the road. Soon, they would be lined up along the fence, looking toward the road.


    1. Thanks Sandy. How wonderful to have had cattle when you were growing up! They are funny; usually when walking through a cow field, they follow you until you turn around then stop, but recently there were some – I’m not sure which type – which were a bit more ‘assertive’ and wanted to surround us!


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