I was standing on the public footpath which runs through the middle of this wonderful wheatfield when I took this photograph. It was a lovely peaceful place to be with open views on two sides and attractive wildflower field margins on the other – full of butterflies, bees and hoverflies.

According to the UK Agriculture website, wheat grown today is related to einkorn and emmer wheats which grew wild in the middle east over 10,000 years ago. ‘Domesticated’ wheat arrived in the UK around 6,000 years ago.

The temperate climate of the UK allows for two sowings per year – Autumn and Spring which can both be harvested in August.

The website (as it stands at today’s date) states that the UK produces around 15 million tonnes of wheat each year – 25% of which is exported around the world.

Wheat is nutritionally valuable because it contains good amounts of protein and carbohydrate.


http://www.ukagriculture.com/crops/wheat.cfm (accessed 7th July 2011)

24 thoughts on “Wheatfield

  1. Although I’ve been at times surrounded by wheat fields, I’ve never been able to get a photo like this – well done! Great detail on the heads, and great depth of field…..pun intended:-)


    1. Thanks very much eremophila! It was good that the path went straight through the middle of the field enabling some interesting shots. Superb pun by the way 🙂


  2. Great shot. I love the detail on the heads. I’ve been noticing as I travel all the interesting grasses out there. I haven’t traveled near a wheat field yet this summer. Now I will have to start looking for one to get a shot as good as this one.


  3. I hope you realize that you live in a really neat area. Where I grew up, the crops were mainly soy beans and cotton. Neither have the same look as your local fields.
    Northern Maine has miles of potato fields, but that isn’t the same, either.


    1. Thank you Sandy. It is pretty good around here – very scenic with lots of wheat, barley (and oilseed rape) fields. I grew up and lived in an urban area until fairly recently so all this rural open space on the doorstep is quite new for me.


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