Harvest (1)

It all happened late yesterday afternoon. I could hear a distant drone of machinery but wasn’t sure if it was the Combine. I waited about half an hour – listening out for the sound which continued, and then went to investigate. As I got nearer the Barleyfield, I was pretty sure it was the Combine but thought maybe it was a grass cutter in the field before it. I then caught site of the Barley and sure enough there it was – the Combine Harvester!

I’ve never seen one up close before – they’ve usually been way off in the distance – but I was able to walk along the footpath right next to the field enabling a close-up view. I had a feeling that the driver was going to shoo me away, but all was okay. It was brilliant being so close to these awesome machines and I managed to get a few different shots which I’ll post in a series over the next few days.

I took this one after the Combine had turned and was on its way back up the field. He must have been adjusting settings as the ‘roller’ in front was moving into position before he moved off.

18 thoughts on “Harvest (1)

    1. Thanks Sheila. I was surprised at how modern and immaculate it looked – all bright, shiny and new! For a couple of shots I was only a few feet away – oh the thrill (or stupidity!).


    1. Thank you very much! It was really rather wonderful being able to get so close to this magnificent piece of machinery! Many thanks for stopping by and commenting.


    1. πŸ™‚ I don’t know about the key but when my other half came home and looked at this photograph he said: ‘It’s not very big is it?’! I’m a town girl and possibly far too easily impressed by farm machinery πŸ˜‰


    1. Thank you John! Yes – I certainly enjoyed photographing this and it was brilliant being so close. I’ll be posting a couple more from different angles over the next few days. Many thanks for stopping by and commenting!


  1. You’ve caught this beautiful piece of machinery in it’s prime and glory. I love how the bright yellow shouts “I’m new!”

    I’ve never seen a combine in person before, so I’ll put it on the photography to-do list. Thanks.


    1. Thank you Max! I certainly had a different idea of a Combine in my mind before I saw this. I was surprised at its sleek and squeaky clean look! I thoroughly recommend seeking one out to photograph – it’s quite something to get so close whilst its doing its job. Many thanks for stopping by and commenting!


  2. Ha! I thought it looked quite small also! But very snazzy:-)
    Over here, by the time the grain is ready to harvest, it’s dry and dusty – VERY dusty – so you were lucky to get so close and not be ‘dusted’.


    1. It does look small I guess in this photo, although when you’re standing in its path and its coming down an incline straight at you, it’s pretty imposing πŸ™‚ Yes – I was surprised it wasn’t more dusty – it’s what I expected – but it was all very quick, clean and efficient. Quite different to what I expected!


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