Harvest 2: A Different Perspective

Another photograph in the ‘Harvest’ mini-series. When I arrived at the Barleyfield, I took a few shots and then panicked because I thought they might be a bit under-exposed, so I adjusted settings on the camera and took a few more. Unfortunately, I hadn’t really needed to change things after all, and the result for the last few photos was over-exposure and a bleached-out sky.

I liked this shot though and, although unusable as it stood, I decided to see what it would look like as a B&W conversion. Taken out of the farming context of golden fields and blue sky with fluffy clouds, I thought the conversion made the Combine look a bit futuristic and as if it had appeared out of the sky (there goes that vivid imagination again!).

10 thoughts on “Harvest 2: A Different Perspective

  1. Obviously it’s from planet New Holland! See if you can get a shot of it converting into a different sort of robot! Ha!
    Nicely converted shot too:-)


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