Red Clover

This patch of Red Clover or Trifolium pratense is one of many patches in the field where I found the Wild Orchid and also where the Pink Yarrow was growing. It is a very pretty field filled with an array of pink-coloured wildflowers and grasses.

Red Clover is a plant which seems to have all sorts of benefits including use as a fodder crop for livestock and poultry, and use as a green manure. It is a member of the pea family – leguminosae – and as such fixes nitrogen in the soil.

Although it is described as Red Clover, it is actually pink or purple in colour.

For more information see the very informative site below:

16 thoughts on “Red Clover

    1. Thank you Sheila! Seeing them en-masse is quite something, along with the other pink flowers. It’s a very pretty little field, and with the horses in the adjacent field it all adds up to a very attractive walk.


  1. We have that here, too, but not in great amounts.

    One year, the hayfield behind us was planted in all kinds of clover. It was pretty to look at, but since they didn’t do it again, must not have been great hay.


  2. Here in Texas I’ve noticed my share of flowers with misleading color names. Our well-known bluebonnets, for example, are more violet or purple than blue, and the same is true for the bluebell:

    Based on names of flowers like those and your red clover, it’s apparent that red is more basic to human perception than pink, and blue than violet.

    Steve Schwartzman


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