Sitting On Top of the Whorl

Here’s a different view of a hoverfly sitting on top of my Giant Scabious. I can’t believe how many hoverflies I’ve seen this Summer; there have been lots in the garden and I’ve seen lots around and about on my walks. For once, I haven’t had any plants decimated by aphids this year – which might be due – in part – to the presence of the hoverflies. It hasn’t all been rosy though – the slugs have had a field day with some of the plants.

18 thoughts on “Sitting On Top of the Whorl

    1. Thank you Ted! Yes – I thought we might have had fewer slugs as we’ve had such a dry Spring and early Summer but they’ve been out in force munching my petunias, and my new lupin is all but gone!


    1. Thanks Sandy! I’ve quite a few shots of hoverflies and bees in all sorts of compositions – they seem to be used to me being around. Butterflies on the other hand ……… difficult, very difficult.


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