I photographed these chicory (cichorium intybus) flowers a few days ago. I wasn’t sure what plant it was at the time and had to look it up. It was growing in a strip of land about 2-3 metres wide and many metres long along with two other species of flower – melilotus and phacelia. This combination possibly indicates they are being used as green manure to improve the soil there, although chicory is also used as a forage crop. These plants are also nectar-rich and were  attracting lots of bees and butterflies (and little black beetles which seemed to be on every flower).

I really like the colour and texture of the flowers – the petals look like they are made out of fabric which has been trimmed at the end with pinking shears!


24 thoughts on “Chicory

    1. Thank you! The colour is wonderful isn’t it – so strong. I don’t think I’d be able to grow it either – the long roots wouldn’t get very far with the layer of chalk!


    1. I can’t recall having seen it before either – although I might not have been looking well enough; too much time spent in a hurry or too deep in thought. I love the stamens too!


  1. I love the chicory. We have so much of it everywhere in our city. It especially seems to love cracks in sidewalks. It will bloom even if it has been mowed over. How resilient.

    Peace, Phil


    1. How wonderful to have it growing everywhere! It does sound very resilient – like some people really: they get ‘mowed down’ and bounce back up again. Thanks Phil; Peace.


    1. Thank you Sandy. I’ve been back to this spot a couple of times to photograph this plant and the accompanying ones. It’s in a very accessible and peaceful spot fortunately.


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