View Through the Trees

I took this photograph of a Japanese-style Teahouse whilst at Heale Gardens, Wiltshire, a couple of days ago. I had actually walked past the Teahouse on my way to photograph an unusual maple when I turned around and saw that the Teahouse was nicely framed by two trees – one of which is a rather lovely Willow leaning over the river.

It’s a bit of a departure from my ‘usual’ style of photograph, but is something I’d like to do more of. In hindsight, with this particular shot, I think if I’d taken a step to the right, the composition would have been a bit better. Will have to get out and practise more!

18 thoughts on “View Through the Trees

    1. Thank you Sheila. Yes – it is so lush and wonderfully green. The Gardens have a tributary of the River Avon running through them so the plants have the benefit of constant moisture.


  1. It’s gorgeous, with a hint of the unknown….. and is that Gunnera growing on the far left? Love those massive leaves!


    1. Thank you eremophila! It is a Gunnera on the left – there are a few of them dotted here and there around the river. They are awesome plants aren’t they? Sort of otherworldly!


    1. Thank you Patti! They have managed to create a very lush, green and calm area – so full of a wonderful selection of trees and plants. What the photo doesn’t show is the collection of large bamboos.


  2. A great shot! You might have gained in composition by moving to the right, but I think that you would have lost the flow of the ferns in the foreground leading into the space between the trees. I’m glad that you’re trying differnt shots. šŸ™‚


  3. Love the picture and especially the ferns both in the foreground and mid area of the photo. Sometimes its fun to find something unexpected for framing as you did while you’re on your way to photograph something else. How did the pictures of the maple turn out?


    1. Thank you Jeanne! The maple photos weren’t as good as I was hoping but I might be able to use one of them. It’s an unusual maple – green-leaved but with red seeds.


  4. I think the composition lends itself to the interpretation of a more “secret” location… if you changed it, it might lose some of the mystery šŸ™‚


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