English Summer’s Day

I took this photograph on Monday – the day the low-pressure weather system was sitting firmly over the UK. It was cold and windy – I was wearing three layers of clothing but was still cold – and huge grey clouds began to roll in.

Later that day, when I looked at the photos I had taken, this one stood out. It has taken me all week to sort of work out just why it stands out. It lacks sparkling greens – the type of which are in yesterday’s photo, there is an absence of golden colour in the crop, and there is no azure blue sky with fluffy clouds on show. Looking at it again this morning, I’m still not completely sure what it is that I like about it but it might be something to do with its simplicity and honesty. I don’t know ……

16 thoughts on “English Summer’s Day

    1. I like it Hallysann. I think it’s something very subtle – more a feeling from it. Something maybe about the light that subtly catches the leaves? Still not sure……


    1. I’m trying to remember now….. Just to the left was a long private track with a village beyond but that Barleyfield was on a slight incline and I’m not sure what was beyond…..


  1. There are times when I miss the English countryside, so this shot appeals to me.

    It works because of the honesty and simplicity contained in the image. I also think the symmetry of the shot adds to its interest. The dark grey clouds mirror the green foreground and the lighter grey sky balances the field of barley.

    For an ex-pat like me it brings back memories of England.


    1. Thanks Calvin. I’m pleased you can see the honesty and simplicity too. Reflecting on your comments, I think maybe it’s this type of scene (rather than the sun-drenched fluffy cloud one) that we see most when travelling around the English countryside – whether by car, train or walking, and possibly we don’t always consciously register it, but when our attention is directed to it through a photo or painting, a thousand memories come flooding in. Like you, maybe that’s what’s happening when I look at it. Thank you for your thoughts.


  2. On a purely technical level, it attends to the rule of thirds. But we all know there’s more to a photograph than the rules….
    Nice layering of colours and tones, and yes, tension – will the cloud empty its load and when….!


  3. I do like the balance of this a lot… it’s a very well composed photograph with the perfect amount on the right and bottom and a nice vacant space in the left.


  4. I really like this, Meanderer! While I can list the reasons why technically I think it’s good, my reason for liking it lies on an emotional level. In this, I feel the impact of the cond and wind. Wonderful! 🙂


    1. Thank you Ted. I’m glad that it conveys the weather conditions that day; it was certainly Autumnal-type weather. It has reached me on the emotional level too 🙂


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