Green Echinacea

Here’s a close-up of a Green Echinacea I saw when visiting Heale Gardens last week. I don’t think I’ve seen an all-over green one before. Some species have green petals and a red cone. This photo shows some of the stamens just starting to appear.

Echinaceas are amongst my very favourite flowers but I haven’t had success growing them in the garden, but it’s nice to visit them in someone else’s garden!

38 thoughts on “Green Echinacea

  1. That’s fascinating! It’s a herb I have a lot of respect for, as well as admiring its beautiful form. A wonderful crop.


    1. 🙂 I think something in our psyche says it’s wrong for a flower to be green – it doesn’t seem right does it?. Some Euphorbias with their all-over green colouring remind me of plants from Mars!


    1. Thank you! I think it’s a fairly new variety – the Gardens we visited and the attached plant centre tend to be at the cutting edge regarding their choice of plants (excuse the awful pun).


    1. 🙂 Oh that made me laugh Carola! I know what you mean though – the colour reminded me of unripe tomatoes and so I had food on the brain when I looked at it too! How are your green drinks going?


      1. Sorry I’m so late in replying…my friends think I’m crazy but I’m in love with my green drinks. A favourite to try is two handfuls of fresh spinach leaves, 1-2 dl of blueberries ( or rasberries), 1-2 pears and 5 dl water. Mix it all in a blender! I know that it doesn’t sound that tasty but I promise you it really is 🙂 It’s also super healthy since it contains so many anti oxidants and other healthy vitamins. When the leaves get crushed in the blender they are able to release so much more of their minerals which we normally can’t absorb by just chewing them. I dare you to try…*smile*


        1. Thanks Carola! I like the sound of blueberries and pears but the spinach leaves I’m not so sure about 🙂 On your recommendation, though, I would have tried it but unfortunately we don’t have a blender 😦


    1. Thank you! It does sort of cry out to be touched doesn’t it? Echinaceas are such wonderful plants and so interesting to photograph because of the textures and colours.


    1. Thank you very much Rudolf – I’m very flattered. It’s wonderful having so many beautiful subjects to photograph! I really enjoy your excellent photographs; those atmospheric shots are superb!


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