Butterfly on Cranesbill

This lovely butterfly allowed me to get reasonably close in order to take a couple of shots. I’m fairly certain it’s a female Large White (or cabbage) butterfly but definitive identification is a little difficult as they are similar to Small Whites and Green-veined Whites.

There were a few fluttering around but this particular butterfly settled for a few seconds on this unusual cranesbill which I think is a Geranium Ibericum. I quite like the attractive veining in the flower. I also like the way different stages of flowering are in evidence (like poppies). Flowers, buds and seed pods can be seen – the pods resembling Crane bills hence the common name for Geraniums.

16 thoughts on “Butterfly on Cranesbill

  1. The cranesbill is lighter and more defined than what we have. It photographs very well. Yes, I do believe that is a cabbage white.


  2. Lovely photograph – I really like this cranesbill flower…hmm, one day, when I have a garden – or can stay long enough in one place to even have a flower pot – this will be in there!


    1. Thank you Lu. It’s quite an unusual flower with the veining. I empathise with the longing for plants – my list is growing longer ….. and …… longer……. !


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