Fiery Nature

I took this photograph last week whilst at Heale Gardens. This very vibrant flower is a Helenium – species Moerheim Beauty. The common name for Heleniums is ‘Sneezeweed’ and lots of information on the origin of both scientific and common names can be found on

I took quite a few photos of this plant but chose this one to post today because it includes a hoverfly! I managed to catch him in flight en route to the flower – his little legs tucked behind him!

This is another plant I would like to grow in the garden – I’ve added it to an ever-increasing list.

26 thoughts on “Fiery Nature

    1. Yes – the petals do look like skirts and also somehow remind me of the tango. I’ll be posting another shot along with some relevant music in a couple of days time 🙂


    1. Thank you Sheila! This photo makes me smile too – something to do with the little guy’s eagerness to get to the flower! With regard to the sun – yes, I think they need fairly long hours of sun. They were situated in the ‘mediterranean’ garden at Heale where all the sun-lovers reside!


    1. Thanks Lu! I love this flower with a passion – which has to be the only way really 🙂 The hoverfly looks like ‘Super Hoverfly’ in his little black and orange suit. Time for a rest now 😀


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