Sun-bleached Wheat

It’s ‘Harvest Central’ around here at the moment. The sound of Combine Harvesters drone throughout the day and night in the distance, tractors pulling grain slowly trundle up and down the road en-route to grain stores and back again to the fields to pick up more. Last night we watched as a HUGE combine went past – it’s blades being transported on a VERY long low-loader.

In light of all this harvest action, we ventured out this morning for a bit of ‘harvest spotting’. Lots of local fields of various sizes have already been cut, but there are still quite a few to be done. We were lucky to find a field with bales in it – most farmers seem to use the ‘plough back in’ method around here. Just across from the field with bales, we watched a combine empty its load and then continue harvesting. I took lots of photographs and will be posting a selection over the coming week.

The above photograph was taken a couple of days ago in a local Wheatfield. The wheat is very ready for harvesting – the grains almost dropping out of the ears.

12 thoughts on “Sun-bleached Wheat

    1. Thank you Steve. How interesting that it reminds you of a sepia version of a B&W! I might try that. Actually, I have converted one of the shots to B&W and it works really well. The light which is cast on this particular wheatfield is curious – it’s a different light to other fields I’ve visited and I’m not sure why. It’s the same field where I took the photo for my posting of Wheat: . The light was unusual that day too.


  1. Beautiful! There is nothing more beautiful than seeing the fruits of a someone’s labor. I love when it is harvest time around here. Right now everything is growing taller and larger. All of our crops are a little behind schedule for harvest because of the cold spring but I think the corn has grown a foot in the last week. Looking forward to the upcoming shots this week. Jeanne


    1. Thank you Jeanne. I love harvest time too and I’ve never been as up-close to it as I have this year whilst out and about with my camera. It will be wonderful to look back on the photos in a few months’ time. We are a little ahead with harvesting here but that’s probably due to the incredibly dry and warm Spring. You’ll have all the excitement soon!


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