Hay Bales

I was really itching to find a field with hay bales so was delighted and excited to find this one on Saturday! Many of our local fields seem to have been cut and the stubble left to plough in.

I couldn’t get very close to the bales as this field was gated and clearly marked ‘Private Property’ with a variety of warning signs.

There was a small grass verge just outside which contained a large number of crickets happily chirruping and jumping around and I was worried about stepping on them, so I got as close to the gate as I could to take some shots. The field has some interesting topography: it dips down then rises in the distance and curves on the left hand side, following the shape of the main road and also routing around a tree.

26 thoughts on “Hay Bales

    1. Yes – round ones would have been more fun 🙂 I’ve inquired as to why some places have square / rectangular bales and others have round. I’ve been reliably informed that the round ones are the product of new technology. So it seems we’re a bit behind with the times here in the West Country. A bit square you might say 🙂


    1. Thank you Nigel. I think those parallel tracks help emphasise the distance although it was a pretty large field! Keep looking Nigel – there’s often a suprise on the road less travelled!


  1. Beautiful shot of the hay bales. Around here most of the hay bales are large round ones so it’s fun to see the large square bales. I love seeing the fruits of the farmer’s labor displayed for all to see. Love the depth of field your photo displays.


  2. Lovely shot and composition 🙂 You rarely see those types of hay bales in Sweden, these days most of them seem to be covered with white plastic…nowhere near as nice to photograph.


    1. Thank you Carola! Yes – the round ones in the UK get covered with plastic. It is fortunate for me – on the lookout for a photograph opportunity – that in the West Country (and maybe other areas) they use an older method!


      1. I’ll be on the look out for these hay bales next time we visit my husbands family in Cornwall. Where in the west country do you live ? I love Cornwall, it’s such a beautiful place, even though it’s seems like it’s becoming more and more busy every time we visit.


        1. Cornwall is beautiful although I haven’t been there for years. I think more and more people are saving money by holidaying at home which might partly explain the busyness. Even very remote and almost inaccessible places are packed these days!


  3. This is a well photographed shot. Everything about it is attractive.
    The field behind our house was finally cut and baled this weekend. But it is no where near as pretty as that.


    1. Thank you Sandy! It was only by chance that I spotted this field and being situated at the side of a very busy main road, I was fortunate to be able to stop and get out!


  4. Very appealing photo – and with the square bales too.. haven’t seen them in a long time. There’s a lovely charm to this 🙂


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