Dancing Flowers

The spell of hot, dry and humid weather has broken this morning – as predicted by the forecasters – so we’ve had a dull, rainy day so far; looks like it should brighten up this afternoon though. It feels nice and fresh and everything has had a good drink, although I do wonder what will happen to the couple of local Wheatfields which haven’t, as yet, been harvested.

I looked back at my recent posts today and realised that I hadn’t posted many brightly-coloured photographs, so today I’ve chosen another shot of the Helenium – Moerheim Beauty. Come Winter, I’m going to warm my hands in front of this one 🙂

24 thoughts on “Dancing Flowers

    1. Thank you Sheila! Sunglasses are needed to look at this image I think! I wish I could grow them too but – yes – they need lots of sun and also plenty of moisture, so a difficult combination to maintain. I’ve read that they will wilt badly if they become too dry.


  1. I never looked at my heleniums close-up; mine won’t be blooming until late August-September. I am blown away by the great details: the scalloped petals which is repeated in the stamen. A very colorful, clear, crisp photo–well done.


    1. Thank you! It certainly does dazzle! Well, the weather people said it would be less humid today, but it has built up again this afternoon. Might need a storm to clear it possibly.


    1. Thank you very much – that’s very kind. I’m afraid my Thoughts blog is a little neglected at the moment – I seem, at present, to have found an outlet in my photographs instead! Many thanks for stopping by and commenting.


    1. Thank you Sandy. Yes – it seemed the right time to post this image, on a cloudy, rainy day! I was going to add a link to some tango-type music but couldn’t find anything I was 100% happy with. They really do make you want to dance don’t they? I think I’d rather like a lovely twirly red skirt so I can whirl around the house!


    1. Thanks Mike! The colours are really intense aren’t they? It was a bit of a shock when I first saw the photograph along with the automatic background colour when I posted!


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