This photograph was taken at the Gardens featured in yesterday’s post. As well as the beautiful gardens, there were two barns within the grounds – both of which had been rebuilt (refurbished / renovated). One of the barns has been rebuilt by Master Craftsmen with oak and thatch (I have a couple of shots of the interior which was lit-up). This barn, however, utilises oak, glass, and brick and flint. I like the contrast between the materials used.

16 thoughts on “Contrasts

    1. Thank you JP. Yes, I purposely composed the photo like this but when I looked at it on the computer I wondered whether I should have cropped it so that one full door was showing instead of one and a bit doors, but for some reason it seems to work like this!


    1. Thank you! Often interesting-looking barns are seen just sitting on their own in fields next to busy roads where its impossible to stop. I was fortunate to have up-close access to this one!


    1. Thanks very much for your comments! The colours in the wall are pretty strong aren’t they – and such a contrast with the weathered door! Many thanks for stopping by and commenting.


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