One of the motifs I like in art is the Umbellifer. I like to see the shape silhouetted against the landscape or sky. I’ve been trying – on and off – since April to capture a shot of an umbellifer(s) myself, but haven’t been very happy with the results.

Yesterday whilst walking along a fairly wide country lane, I noticed there were quite a few umbellifers standing higher than other plants in a hedge. The sky was fairly interesting too as shower clouds were coming and going allowing brief shafts of light amongst the dark grey. I had intended to convert any shots to B&W before posting but I’ve kept the colour in this one as I like the dark green colour of the plants against the dark grey of the sky. I also like the unkempt nature of the plants as they entangle and intertwine with each other.

10 thoughts on “Umbellifers

    1. Thank you Terry. Yes – it was the mood I wanted to portray and I love your comment regarding something delicate vs. something angry. This family of plants includes both extremes: the benign carrot and the deadly Hemlock.


    1. Thank you Calvin. Yes – I originally intended to post a B&W conversion which looks good, but this one with the hint of colour edged it for me. Something about the detail and the dark green and dark grey colours!


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