There are lots of elderberries around in hedgerows and in the garden at the moment. Elder trees (Sambuca) are often associated with hedgerows but I saw this one growing next to a sun-drenched lime-washed wall which I think gives a Mediterranean feel to the image.

10 thoughts on “Elderberries

  1. My grandfather used to make elderberry wine, but I never saw the berries on the wine. I see where the wine color comes from, now.


  2. My Dad used to make elderberry wine and my Nan used to have a glass everytime she visited – for medicinal reasons only you understand, I believe it’s very good for warding off the common cold. 🙂


    1. I’m sure it did your Nan the world of good! I like home-made wine; you just never know the reaction you’re going to get when you taste it 🙂 I haven’t made elderberry wine but I think I should have a go as there are so many elderberries around.


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