Before the weekend, I would have said with a degree of certainty that this is a photograph of a Bulrush – Typha latifolia. However many years of believing this plant to be a bulrush were dashed in an instant on Saturday.

I discovered whilst I was at a Lakes and Nature Reserve that these plants – also known as Cattails – are incorrectly named Bulrushes and are actually called Reedmace. Bulrushes are a type of sedge. It seems as if Wildlife experts are trying to educate the public into calling them by their correct name, but judging by wildlife fora on the internet they aren’t succeeding all that well.

So – here is a B&W conversion of a Reedmace taken on a rather overcast day.

28 thoughts on “Bulrush?

  1. Beautiful composition. Very effective use of B & W . I think the “authorities” are going to lose the battle. The Canadian Encyclopedia says that cattails are commonly called bulrushes. I think general usage is going to trump scientific classification.


    1. Thanks very much. I was pleased with the B&W conversion of this shot. I think you’re right regarding the authorities and the name change. Calling these plants bulrushes is rather deeply embedded!


    1. Thank you Calvin. Yes – I’ve had a bit of a dabble with B&W; my Wilton Windmill worked quite well. Oh, and my Stonehenge ‘The Stones’ came out well – quite vintage looking. I’d like to do more as I like the moodiness of B&W shots.


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