Open Space

This scene struck me as unusual as it’s not the usual view one sees of rural South West England as it is so wide open and fairly flat. Usually there are lots of hedgerows dividing fields plus small hills and valleys.

It was a day of sunshine and large fluffy clouds and I was trying to capture the clouds’ shadows which were drifting fairly quickly on the stiff breeze across the fields. It’s hard to capture that sense of movement of the clouds though.

I’m also intrigued by the way the buildings look miniature in this shot – a bit toy-like! Best of all, I love the feeling of space and can imagine walking through those lovely fields of gold 🙂

24 thoughts on “Open Space

    1. Thanks very much Claire! I love being able to see for miles – unencumbered- which is why I love the sea, so it was great to find a land-based equivalent (albeit from an elevated position). Many thanks for stopping by and commenting!


  1. What a neat shot. That is such a lovely area. I notice the other day that when the hay was cut behind my house, we didn’t end up with a beautiful shot like you had a couple of weeks ago.


    1. It is strange isn’t it? Usually these parcels of fields are enclosed by hedges and trees so it was interesting to see this. I like the paint by numbers comparison 🙂 Gosh – haven’t done one of those in years ……..


    1. Thank you Lisa! I must go back there soon to see what it looks like now and what’s growing in those fields. Many thanks for your comments and ‘likes’ today – I appreciate it. I’ll be coming over to have a look at your site 🙂


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