I visited Heale Gardens in Wiltshire again this week in order to satisfy my need for brightly-coloured flowers. Our garden is more of a shady woodland garden with lots of mature trees and difficult soil and consequently we don’t have a lot of success with summer flowers.

This is a lovely mauve-coloured species of  Hydrangea serrata. I’ve always liked Hydrangeas and have memories from when I was young of the large mop-head variety – Hydrangea macrophylla – which seemed to adorn many gardens. This is a lace-top variety which has flatter clusters of flowers consisting of fertile flowers in the centre surrounded by the larger sterile flowers – and ovate serrated-edge leaves.

What’s always fascinated me about these plants is the way the flowers change colour according to the soil type they are grown in: you get pink flowers with an alkaline soil, and blue-mauve with a more acid soil.

I really like this variety of Hydrangea and it might be possible to grow one in the garden as they apparently tolerate shade. On the down side though, they, need a moist soil.

18 thoughts on “Hydrangea

  1. Gorgeous shot Meanderer! – I know what you mean about needing some colour therapy – and I also love the fact that the petals are of a different colour depending on soil acidity/alkalinity. I have a photo that I was planning on posting tomorrow on the very same topic… although you will see that they have suffered some enthusiastic pruning 😉


    1. Thank you Lu! Yes – I realised I hadn’t taken any flower macro shots for a while and needed a bit of colour therapy. I have a few more flower shots lined up for this week – I think it’s the grey rainy Autumnal feel to the weather that’s done it! I look forward to seeing your colourful flower shot tomorrow 🙂


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