Sunflower: After the Rain

I photographed this deep orange-coloured Sunflower whilst at Heale Gardens last week. There were groups of these flowers amongst the vegetables in the kitchen garden along with other companion plants such as Cosmos and Dahlias.

It was the day after heavy and persistent rain and the Sunflowers were looking a little battered but still upstanding and beautiful.

It has been a week of Autumnal-type weather here in England: winds; heavy rain resulting in flash floods; grey skies; a variety of interesting clouds; brilliant sunshine alternating with showers; warm days but chilly mornings and evenings.

12 thoughts on “Sunflower: After the Rain

    1. Thanks Sheila! Yes – I’d been thinking about changing the tagline to something a bit more meaningful for a while, and this morning whilst in deep and meaningful thought mode, it came to me 🙂


  1. Wonderful shot. The colour and texture has a fantastic intensity. We had a hail storm this afternoon – I got pictures, after I got off the veranda roof .


    1. Thanks very much elmediat. I was originally going for an ironic B&W shot of a sunflower in silhouette, but this coloured version really struck me. Gosh – a hail storm; haven’t had one of those here in a while. I’m glad you got off the veranda roof before taking your pictures!


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