I must have walked past this gate many times but never really noticed it. A couple of days ago, though, on a lovely Sunny August afternoon, it captured my attention.


32 thoughts on “Beckoning

    • Thanks Lu! I hadn’t thought of it being a romantic shot, but now you mention it, it does look romantic doesn’t it? It was a beautiful day; a gem of a late-summer’s day amongst the grey, drizzly days either side of it 🙂


  1. Hmm, it looks kinda mysterious doesn’t it? I mean the path looks slightly overgrown and you can’t see the house that the gate leads to, which switches on the old imagination. Like it!


  2. I have to stop getting here late….everybody else steals my comments….

    I think B/W is perfect for this, and it turned out beautiful.


    • Thank you Hallysann! I was pleased with this one as it packs an emotional punch. It was a different type of shot for me and something I’d like to experiment with a bit more. You’ve gotta love late Summer afternoon sunshine and shadows – and B&W (sometimes) 🙂


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