Stacks of Hay on a Sunny Day

I seem to have a sort of hay radar at the moment; wherever I go a field with haystacks, combine harvesters or hay balers presents itself!

I was travelling along a road a few days ago when I saw the merest glimpse of hay beyond some trees and discovered this field. A footpath ran along a couple of sides so I was able to get pretty close to the haystacks. It was also a beautiful sunny day which lends a different mood to the scene in contrast to my ‘moody’ Haystacks posting last week.

There is still an air of something about these stacks however- something about their size and presence, and this time there were lots of birds flying around them. In some ways when I see this image I feel the urge to eat the haystack; I think it’s because it reminds me of a giant breakfast cereal biscuit. Strange πŸ™‚

20 thoughts on “Stacks of Hay on a Sunny Day

  1. I suppose they look a bit like shredded wheat, it’s true! There are a couple of farmers around here who bale hay this way, too, and pile them really high. They always make me a little nervous, just the idea of them blowing over. Your photo really shows ‘presence’.


    1. Thank you farmhouse stories. Yes – it does make you wonder how secure they are – and there is certainly something extraordinary about seeing them standing in these vast quiet fields.


    1. Thank you Patti! Yes – they have a sort of megalith presence; something about the solidity and size I think! There’s also something about these stacks consisting of a substance which was living and growing.


    1. Thank you elmediat. I think the stack at the front is the one – I had my pick of stacks to focus on and I was drawn to this one. The birds knew there was something about it too πŸ˜‰


    1. What a great word! I’d never come across it before – thanks! We thought maybe the birds were martins or swallows so it’s nice to have that confirmed. The birds were what I liked about this too – there were lots of them flying around this field. It was a wonderful scene on a perfect day.


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