Gently Undulating

I was going to name this image ‘Approaching Storm’ but – surprisingly – these threatening clouds didn’t actually produce anything of any substance; we’d had the heavy rain and lightening earlier in the day. There is just something about the gentle undulations in this that appeal to me.

There is also the ever-so-merest glimpse of the Salisbury Cathedral spire in the background. This amazing spire – the tallest medieval spire in Europe – can be seen many miles outside Salisbury, Wiltshire in all directions.

10 thoughts on “Gently Undulating

    1. You’re welcome! Your posting ‘The March’ is a wonderful image. I’m glad you liked my reflection images; they were a lot of fun to shoot. I will be visiting your blog to have a look at more of your images. Many thanks 🙂


    1. Thanks Hallysann. Yes – the clouds were big and threatening and I felt sure a storm was going to open up whilst on the walk but it all melted away! I would have liked to have been in a higher position for the Cathedral but I was many miles away from it and still it could be seen! It’s such a commanding building. You can imagine what it must have been like hundreds of years ago without all the housing, shops and roads around it.


  1. Perhaps a little too much empty foreground in this shot. But I like the overall concept of this shot. Maybe one worth reshooting to make the church steeple, or what looks like a church steeple to my ageing eyes, a more dominant focal point.

    Nice to see a bit of old England.


    1. Thanks very much for the input Calvin. It is a bit bare in the foreground isn’t it? There’s one place I have in mind which will be really good for getting a nice clear shot of the spire; it’s a bit of a steep walk but will be worth it!


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