I took this photograph a couple of days ago – on the last official day of Summer. The swan followed me as I walked along the bank stopping here and there to take photographs. At this point though, it overtook me and drifted on by into the sun-soaked lushness.Β  They are such elegant, graceful creatures – their travel seemingly effortless.

I love to be by the water – I seem to be most relaxed and at home when by a river, stream, lake or the sea; worries seem to drift on by and melt away.


37 thoughts on “Driftin’

  1. I LOVE this one! It’s so beautiful and peaceful…and the swan is priceless! I find myself visiting your blog often to see what you have posted. Is there a subscribe button, or am I just not seeing it?


    1. Thanks so much Fergiemoto. It was wonderful having the swan as companion whilst walking along! I don’t have a subscribe button – this theme only allows 3 widgets and I’ve used them up! An alternative way is to tick the box under the comments box when making a comment or to click ‘Follow’ on the tab at the top of the page when logged in – which is what I tend to do now. Many thanks once again.


    1. Thanks very much wandering siren! It is quite a romantic-looking shot isn’t it?! The conditions that day were perfect for this shot – so sunny and calm. Many thanks for stopping by and commenting!


    1. Thank you Patti! It was sure nice to have a warm and sunny day to see the summer out after such a grey month. The first couple of days of Autumn, however, have been gorgeous – we’ve had high temperatures and lots of sun although it’s not due to continue!


    1. Thank you Hallysann! The last couple of days have been lovely and warm haven’t they? All change now though! I don’t mind the cold so much as the greyness especially when the days are so short.


  2. Meanderer, this is breathtakingly beautiful ! I can feel myself being transported to a peaceful and tranquil place just by looking at this image. As you know I love water too, it’s a great healer and stirrer, helping us connect to our emotions and feelings πŸ™‚


    1. I wish I could send you some of the rain we’ve been having with the resultant lush foliage. I’ve read about the terribly dry Summer you’ve had and the devastating fires. We had a very dry and warm Spring – the driest for many years – this year followed by a grey wet Summer – the greyest for many years – which has continued into this Autumn. The weather seems to be all over the place at the moment.


    1. πŸ˜€ Thank you very much! It was one of those images that sort of happened. I’d been driftin’ in town that day myself – lost in thought, looking at the river – when suddenly, this wonderful swan appeared ………


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