Orange Sunflower

This Sunflower was the first of a few flowers and trees I photographed yesterday and the only one that I liked. I noticed that a couple of bees were sitting in the centre, so I tried to take a photograph of them but they flew off one by one. I decided to take a photograph anyway as this sunflower looked beautiful in the bright sun.

When I looked at it on the computer last night I was intrigued by the way it looks as if it has had a ‘painted’ effect applied to it caused by the saturated colours. The distinctive dark orange markings look as if they have been drawn in. I’d actually like to be able to paint a sunflower like this if I had the talent!

22 thoughts on “Orange Sunflower

    1. Thank you Terry! This sunflower was really soaking up the sun yesterday! With regard to photo size, I usually resize my images to 800 by 600 pixels which keeps the proportions and also suits this theme’s requirements.


  1. So beautiful and vibrant. My husband and I went in search of a field of sunflowers last weekend only to find them with their heads hung low and no petals left. They are almost ready for harvest here. Next year we will have to go a bit earlier if I want any shots like yours.


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