Waves and Ripples

I’ve been away for a few days to the glorious Isle of Purbeck, Dorset, UK, taking in Swanage and the Folk Festival, Durlston Head and Corfe Castle amongst other interesting places.

This is a photograph of the gentle rippling sea at Swanage beach – one of my favourite English seaside places. The colours featured are my favourite combinations: blues, browns and white. Swanage has a very clean beach and unpolluted water and is a Blue Flag beach – awarded for its cleanliness.

I love to be near the sea for many reasons although I don’t manage to get there as often as I would like. In an interesting way, though, the recent discovery of cereal crop fields in close-up has provided a land-based alternative. Both places feature movement, soothing sounds, open vistas and blue and brown colours with white.

I’ll be featuring images with a distinct seaside flavour over the next few days but with a bit of architecture and Morris dancing thrown in!


20 thoughts on “Waves and Ripples

  1. Simple, yet beautiful. Clear and crisp. Just this lovely shot has activated the senses – I can smell the ocean, feel the cool breeze, feel the soft wet sand, feel the water wrap around my feet, hear the waves gently roll in ….. etc., etc. Nice!


    • Thank you Fergiemoto – I’m really pleased that this image has had a positive effect; the gentleness of the soft rippling waves at this particular spot is really soothing. I’d actually like a seaside-themed room with added lighthouse and sound effects 🙂


    • Thanks! I took a few different images of the sea on this particular day. It looked so pretty with the blues, browns and white. I might pop another one on the blog before the warm Summery-type days drift away!


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