Looking Out

Here is a photograph of Anvil Point Lighthouse situated on the Dorset Coast near Swanage, Dorset UK. I took a few photographs of the Lighthouse from various positions including up close just outside the gates. This one was taken in the late afternoon from a seat which looked down onto the Lighthouse. The light was nice and soft but it was extremely windy and I had a real job trying to hold the camera steady. I just had to try and get a couple of shots including the little yacht which was navigating its way past the rocks in a very strong wind.

I converted the image to B&W as it ‘ties’ the Lighthouse and its buildings to the yacht in a stronger way. The soft silver-blue sea and greenery surrounding the Lighthouse took some of the attention away from the yacht.

I have what might be called a Lighthouse Obsession. I LOVE lighthouses – have done for many, many years. I have lots of Lighthouse bits and bobs at home including: calendars; cards; postcards; wooden models; hand-made metal sculptures; ceramic models; paintings; pottery models and so on. Now I have my camera, I hope to have a grand collection of photographs of Lighthouses from around the country too! They are such wonderful, iconic buildings.

22 thoughts on “Looking Out

    1. Thank you! Yes, I know what you mean about utility lines – they often ruin a decent image. It was helpful that the lines in this one run from left to right in the corner of the image! Not so obtrusive.


    1. Thanks very much David! I’m pleased that mood comes over; the yacht was moving along fairly swiftly on that stiff breeze! The sea for the most part was clear of any boats. A ferry went across earlier in the day but this was the only small craft I saw, so I was lucky to capture it near the Lighthouse!


    1. Thanks very much Brandon! I’m pleased you like the stacks – I like the chimney stacks too – with their imposing quality – and their relationship with the bright Lantern Room. It’s quite a photogenic combination of buildings.


    1. Thank you Sandy. Yes – there’s quite a variety of types of lighthouse in the British Isles; some are the archetypal tall ones on a rock out to sea and others are squat types on cliffs with attached cottages like this one.


    1. Thank you very much cocomino. I love lighthouses and although this one is a short one I really like it too. The attached cottages can be hired out for holidays – something I’d really like to do although it is a bit expensive. Many thanks for your visit and comments!


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