Park Life

This is a photograph of one of the parks in ‘town’ – one that I don’t see that often as it’s not on my ‘usual’ route. A couple of weekends ago, however, I walked past it and noticed how green the grass looked through the trees. I made the mistake of not having my camera with me so couldn’t take any photographs. I went back on Saturday to have another look – camera in hand this time – but it was too busy.

Yesterday morning though – it was just me and the squirrels (lots of squirrels!) and woodpigeons. It was overcast which – in combination with the large dark trees – made the grass look such a vivid green.

I must make a point to visit it more often.

28 thoughts on “Park Life

    1. Thank you Mike. I really felt as if I was intruding on their territory that day – they were all around me watching what I was doing! Many thanks for your visit and comments ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. It is quite green isn’t it? I think the background frame chosen by the theme over-emphasised the colour though – a darker background frame would have made it a bit less startling I think!


  1. That really is vibrant! – I agree with you on the theme-choice of backgrounds. I’m getting slightly disenchanted with Dutone.. hmm – some photos I wanted to post incurred the most hideous shade of pink I have ever seen! I’ve since decided to post them on my other blog!


    1. Ah, I wondered why your image today was on the Unwitting Traveller. Yes – most of the time this theme offers up really nice backgrounds but now and again it just doesn’t suit the image or becomes too overwhelming. I’ve been looking to change my theme for a little while but don’t like the thought of having to re-size all my images. I quite like the newish one Nishita.


  2. Nishita looks like quite a good one for continuing in the single-image-per-post format. I’ve noticed (with playing around A LOT) with themes that many of them will resize your image to a default size no matter what your maximum is. I can’t get an image larger than what you see on the Unwitting Traveller… just impossible. Well, I haven’t quite delved into the CSS variables for that yet….I’m only just starting to teach myself the basics!

    I’ve noticed that you and Lisa @notesfromAfrica have become acquainted – she did an excellent appraisal of themes (although a month or so ago now) in her post to do with her quest for the Ultimate WordPress Theme…
    Maybe it helps with the thought process..

    I’m considering a blog-merger… pulling the Scene Scope images into T-U-T (eventually)… it’s merely a mental exercise at present, but I would value your thoughts on the matter. I’m finding that subject matter is overlapping too much to warrant separate blogs on it… The only reason I started Scene Scope was because I fell for Duotone…now I’m “out of love” with it!

    Anyway, enjoy the weekend – I hear there is some better weather on the way ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m smiling, ‘cos I actually get to “touch down” in the UK on Monday!! Woohoo!!


    1. Thanks Lu – I will have a look at Lisa’s post. I’ve sampled a couple of different themes but my images seem to come out really small in each of them; maybe I’m doing something wrong – will have to have another play.

      With regard to your blog merger, I think it could work well as your images are wonderful exotic shots from around the world which would fit nicely with T-U-T.

      So – you’re back in the UK from Monday? I second your woo-hoo! Well, the weather is set fair so it’s a perfect time. Enjoy your weekend too Lu and I look forward to some of your UK shots ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Thanks Hallysann. I don’t go many places without the camera but on that particular morning I had to make a very quick visit into town and didn’t think I’d need it. I’ve now learned that I really should take it out with me all the time ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Every photographer is different (thank heavens!) >>> I crop my pictures very tightly, both at and post capture, and if this were my shot I’d crop around those two wonderful tree trunks that are silhouetted against the bright green grass – landscape format, I’d have darkness at the top and bottom of the frame, and the centre stratum of the frame filled with the bright green grass cut by those wonderful black tree trunks. FATman


    1. Hi Adrian – yes thank I have that address; it’s displayed on the email notifications. I got thwarted when deciding which image to send. The 800×600 won’t be much good – I tried to crop it but it just becomes small and the original is really large. I’ll have another look.


  4. Love the vivid green grass and your perspective for the photo. I find myself taking my camera everywhere I go but occasionally I get caught like you do without my camera and frustrated for not bringing it. Sometimes it’s just nice to take in the scenery without looking through my lens. I have to remind myself of that.


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