A rather whimsical post today and a bit of fun. I took this photograph in the same park as yesterday’s image. There were squirrels all around – I could hear them scurrying about behind me and above me, and I could see them clambering about in the distance; it was a little surreal.

I saw this fellow and tried to get a silhouette shot of him with the bright vivid green grass in the background. The shots didn’t really come out very well – the images were too ‘soft’ and the grass blew out but when I converted this one to B&W, it took on a life of its own!

He sort of reminds me of Nutkins in Narnia or something and makes me smile whenever I look at him.

20 thoughts on “Nutkins

    1. Thank you farmhouse stories. I love the ancient forest idea! I was trying to convey a different time and place feel so I’m glad that came over! It seemed like an ancient place as I was the only person there surrounded by wildlife – a step back in time.


    1. Thank you elmediat. I’m really pleased that you like the surreal quality. It was that feeling – as well as a time and place in the past – that I was trying to portray. It’s interesting where photography leads you – I started out in April with realistic unprocessed flower images and now seem to wandering into the realm of the imagination!


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