Autumn Light

I wanted to mark the Autumnal Equinox with an appropriate image but struggled to find an outdoors image which was just right. Although there were signs of Autumn in August and early September: changing light levels; chilly winds; and grey skies, Summer seems to have suddenly made a return.

Temperatures are holding up very well – the Met Office is predicting temps in the mid 70s for the weekend – and we haven’t had any frosts as yet in Southern England. Therefore, vegetation is staying pretty green overall.

I’ve chosen instead, an indoors image which continues one of my Spring and Summer themes: cereal crops. I took this photograph whilst at the Japanese-style gardens last month. Within the grounds were a couple of barns, one of which had been completely renovated by Master Craftsmen. I liked the way this hayloft had been illuminated by soft golden lighting and how the ears of wheat can be seen.

22 thoughts on “Autumn Light

  1. Looks great–warm and cozy, just what is needed to enjoy fall weather, when it finally arrives. It was close to 100 degrees here in Bakersfield today, so it does not quite feel like fall yet–but soon. I am anxious for the weather changes–and your photo gives me hope.


    1. Thank you Patti. Gosh – 100 degrees; is that normal for this time of year where you live? I must admit, it does feel strange to be posting an Autumnal-type shot when it feels like Summer here at the moment but I do like to mark special dates in the calendar.

      The first frosts will herald the big change and with October on the horizon it shouldn’t be too far off.


    1. Thank you farmhouse stories. I was ready for Autumn last month when the weather started to change but with this sudden reversion to Summer-like temperatures I’m thrown a bit! Enjoying it though!


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