The Sea Rocks

Here is a photograph of waves gently lashing rocks off the Dorset Coast near Swanage. The rocks are part of the Jurassic Coast and contain ‘Tilly Whim Caves‘. Up until the 1970s, the caves were accessible to the public but have been closed since due to accidents.

To the right of this position but higher up is Anvil Point Lighthouse which I featured a few days ago, and to the left and again higher up – above the caves – is a footpath which leads to Durlston Head.

This stretch of coast between Anvil Point and Durlston Head is one of my all-time favourite places to be.

35 thoughts on “The Sea Rocks

  1. Great shot, I especially love the shades of blue in the sea before it laps to shore. A bit reminiscent of the Big Sur coastline in ?CA–my favorite spot, of the places I have been. I would love to get here!


    1. Thank you Patti! The blue of the sea was so nice – so blue! You would love it. It’s a very peaceful place where you can really feel relaxed. It’s also a really interesting place to be if you’re into geology.


    1. There is something about the views you get from this stretch of coast. You can get lost in pleasant thoughts and dreams for hours! It’s a very good place to have afternoon tea and cake too!


  2. The color depth and clarity on this photo is astounding. How much tweaking did you do? I would love to see a tutorial on what settings were applied to this. Or are you one of those enviable people who can produce something like this right out of the camera? In that case, I would enjoy an analysis of how you created the shot, settings, time of day, etc.


    1. Thank you for your very kind comments AJ! I’ve had a look back at this one to see what I did. I took a couple of hand-held shots and bracketed the exposures – the EV is something I’m playing around with at the moment as I’m learning how the camera works! This one has an EV of -0.30 which didn’t make too much difference to the colour of the sea but made the rocks and grass a little richer. It was a bright day and the sun was to the right of me so would have been shining on the rocks. It was just after 2 in the afternoon. Post-processing, I cropped it slightly to reduce the amount of grass in the foreground and minimally tweaked contrast. Hope that helps!


  3. That’s a really gorgeous picture!

    I’ve spent many hours sitting in the sunshine at the top of Durlston Head overlooking the lighthouse, watching peregrine falcons terrorising the local seabirds and imagining where the sailboats and ferries are heading to and from. So your picture brings back lots of lovely memories – wonderfully evocative.

    I’ve never seen it in winter time so I’m really looking forward to seeing your next photo’s from here.


    1. Yes – those patches of indigo blue appeared in random places in the sea and were so interesting to watch. Dorset is a quite wonderful place. I’d like to try and get there a bit more often.


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